How do I revise ca final DT subject a day before exam?


  • There are several subjects to study as a CA Final student.
  • You will require at least 3.5 to 4 months of focused study time if you wish to pass the CA final for BOTH categories in one attempt.
  • Making a blueprint of your entire study schedule, including revisions and the most crucial material, is necessary to study wisely. What should I study the day before an exam?
  • I’ve observed that even if you diligently studied for four months but didn’t study the material one day before the exam, the majority of students still failed to pass.
  • Overall, it can be said that the first day of the study is just as significant as the four months of study.
  • Since you specifically inquired about the Direct Tax Paper, I will limit my response to the Paper 7 pre-day 1 study plan.

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CA Final Paper 7- Direct Tax Laws(DT)

  • CA final
  • Firstly I am going to clear that actually there are three groups in CA final
    1. Group 1
    2. Group 2 except DT
    3. DT
  • You must be studying from Ranjeet Kunwar Sir’s modules, I’m guessing.
  • After the ISCA exam, the first thing you should do is organize all of your study materials.
    • RK modules including summary module
    • Practice Manual
    • RTP
    • Amendment Notes
    • Past examination including mock test paper (optional).

  • Then quickly review all of the RK modules (other class notes if you are not studying from RK modules). You can also complete the summary module.
  • QUICK Revision refers to revising only key points, highlighted passages, or any other summary you may have written. Your OWN summary is strongly advised.
  • Following the ISCA paper, you can complete this quick revision.
  • Start answering questions from the Practice Manual the following morning.
  • It is important to note that many of the modifications and legal precedents are taken directly from the Institute’s Material.
  • Practice Manual is advised throughout the entire day. Don’t attempt to answer every question. The entire practice manual cannot be solved in a single day.
  • I am suggesting you most of the part from practice manual, the reason is that if you do this you are doing your module revision plus questions solving. Many students do only modules and they don’t get time for practicing the questions that’s why i am putting more pressure on Institute’s Material.
  • then, on exam day, work on RTP, Amendments notes, and any other subject that you find challenging or that you feel is crucial.
  • The final and most crucial guideline, which I refer to as the “Golden Rule,”

Skip nothing and don’t read everything.

  • This rule is applicable to all subjects in the CA final, not only the DT subject.
  • The above response and rule are based on my personal experience for studying for the CA final, and I’m delighted to report that by using this rule, I was able to pass the CA final in a single attempt.

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