What should be the subject-wise procedure when preparing for the CA final exam?

General- CA Final Exam

1. Only ICAI (Sample + RTP + MTP) MCQs (For All Subjects) 3–4 times. “Focus on topics, and solve MCQs as they come along.”
2. “ICAI material is the greatest, Exam is making unit check he is doing.

3.There may be times when ICAI answer is incorrect. Still “follow ICAI,” passing the test is our goal. The system is changing, as the saying goes.
4. Although classes will aid in conceptual understanding, “Self study is the brahmastra”
5. When you’re confused or need help understanding a concept, go to your class notes, but give the ICAI content the utmost priority for ca final exam.
6. Attempt 100 marks in exam

1) Financial Reporting- CA Final Exam

(a) – PM all question

(b) – SM solved questions

(c) – RTP Suggested Answers 2 attempts

P.S. – Do CFS at last if time (otherwise can skip)

Ind AS – Need to read only difference between AS and IndAS and carve outs. Need not study the entire Ind AS


Do Practice Manual

Study Material (if time permits)

RTP relevant attempt

Theory – No need to memorize it; just read it twice or three times.


Most Important – PM

SA, Co Audit – Class notes

Code of Conduct : Read all clauses + All Practice Manual Questions

Small Chapters: Study Material Key Words + Self Notes

Very small chapters like Cost audit, Peer Review etc. are the most scoring – Do study material also for small chapters.

RTP Suggested Answers 2 attempts – old and new


PM+ Class Notes.

RTP Suggested Answers 3 attempts – old and new

It is not necessary to memorize the sections and their subsections.

Just keep reviewing, and you’ll remember the key passage on your own.

Do IBC really well; that is what matters most.


Practice Manual Section B+C

Read Marginal Costing, Standard Costing at the last

PM Section A – Read twice or thrice need not memorize it

Execute OR and Transfer Pricing well.

Because the paper is extensive, write the answers as quickly as possible.


ICAI study material

comprehend your query and provide an appropriate response. For example, COBIT  5-6 questions View the relevant response after viewing the  what query

Typically, we write the incorrect response and receive 0.

Do Questions and answers for Link

Act lastly, please. (Do only the crucial portions.)

Try to highlight important words in responses and create pertinent diagrams.


Self Summary Notes (BB Sir Compact is good) + Study Material All Questions (Test your knowledge and illustrations) + RTP and Suggested 2 attempts

Learn the latest case law – Name and content

Old Case laws – Learn only the content not the names

Needn’t learn section number

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GST – Study Material Charts + Study Material All Questions + All RTP + All MTP + Past Attempts Exam Papers(May 18 onwards)

Check out all the amendments

CUSTOM -Class Notes + Study Material All Questions + RTP and Suggested 2 attempts

Case law – Need not learn the names just understand the case

Needn’t learn section number

P.S. – Don’t ignore GST Module 3 – it is really important

Must Read : Best Tax Preparation for CA/CMA Final by CA Ranjeet kunwar.